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Since the dawn of man, humans have searched for the elusive secrets to life that hover just beyond our understanding or grasp. We yearn to understand the mysteries in the events and experiences of our lives; the ones that tingle the back of our necks and make us wonder about the great meaning of things. What is it that moves within us when we stare at a sunset? What is it that stirs in our hearts and emotions when we feel closest to our own inner sense of God and the mystical world that we are part of? What secret lies hidden from our knowledge and what exactly does this secret keep from us? Is there hidden truth that is kept from us for a reason, or is it kept from us by a conspiracy bent on keeping us enslaved? What happens when man stumbles upon these forbidden truths? What happens when we finally stare across the voids between our conscious and the misty lands of our subconscious and we finally see a tangible and real truth, something that can be felt and understood amidst a world of fog and conjecture? Are we truly meant to have the ability to step outside of our existence and discover things that were once forbidden for us to experience? Or is it that when we do this, we violate the laws of the mystical realm?

The question then becomes whether spirituality is as we are told it is – straight forward and just as it appears – or is there another aspect to spirituality that we are not told of; hidden from our ordinary view of the world. Are there aspects of spirituality that do not fit within our preconceived notions of what spirituality is? Could there be fundamentals to spirituality that we are not aware of and are completely opposite from what we have been taught? What would it mean to us and our own knowledge if this were so and we could see it and grasp it? What would it mean if there were a dark side of spirituality?

It is always easiest to deny that which goes against what we know. It is natural to believe in our own knowledge and discount that which challenges it. But when totally new and unique information is introduced into the equation that is not only contrary to all conventional knowledge, but flies in the face of what we once thought were absolute truths, our reason and understanding cannot easily come to terms with it. In this sense, it is easy to understand how we discount and disbelieve new information or truths that contradict and challenge what we think we know to be true. We tend to quickly label these things as crackpot or dangerous because what is really occurring is that we fear; we fear the unknown and we fear that we must change our knowledge and ourselves to adapt to it – and we don’t know if we can. We don’t want to admit that what we once believed in was incorrect.

In this section we will discuss whether there is a dark side of spirituality and if so, what forbidden truths and hidden mysteries await us there. Is darkness something to fear and avoid, or is it just another side to our world and our spiritual essence that can bring new meaning to the things around us. Is it possible that this dark side of spirituality is the next step in our evolution, and if so, where might it lead us and what is it we will learn when we arrive there?


In the history of our experience as human beings, we have come to accept the notion of a struggle between light and darkness. We believe that light is good and darkness is evil because that is the perception we’ve always had and there has never seemed to be a need to challenge it. The simple reason behind this perception is that when the light is on, you can see things and understand what’s going on. Light from sun provides warmth and it is the giver of life. Darkness, on the other hand, makes us afraid as we stand in it because we can’t see and we don’t know what’s coming at us. At a primitive level, it is obvious that the light is considered good and the darkness is considered evil. On a deeper level, the lack of understanding between the spiritual nature of light and darkness has created an energy and behavioral pattern of mankind’s sexuality which is not the way it was designed to flow. The human race is caught up in a bottled up state wherein the consciousness of our sexuality is caught in a sinister psychological booby trap. When the subconscious identity inside of us understands the true meaning behind the mystery of spiritual light and spiritual darkness and what the myth about that relationship has done to us, there is a relaxation that occurs deep within the subconscious and the true spiritual energy of that human being starts to come into the body and mind in such a manner as to create a transformation. In order to accomplish this, we must first understand what light and darkness truly are and what the relationship between them is.

The reason behind our perception of the light being good and the darkness being evil is physical, and the philosophers and early theologians based their philosophy and religion on the ideas of the physics around them that they were able to observe. Physics is the study of natural philosophy, and the study of physical phenomenon is the study of the spirit, and this is a belief founded in Western Philosophy. Emmanuel Kant first spoke of the concept when he talked about the idea that the spirit world and the physical world are related and that they are mirrors of one another. What is true physically is true spiritually. It was always a belief and an obsession of Albert Einstein to understand the physics with such a great level of detail that he would find higher meaning and therefore understand the psycho physics of the spirit world, or the spirit physics. It was an obsession of his to understand how the spirit plugged into the physical. Modern physics and the advent of quantum mechanics has led to a whole new group of theories – grand unified theories, string theories, meta brain theory, and many others as well as new ones yet to come, but the idea remains and always will remain that physical light can achieve a dense state of existence. For instance, in a black hole, much of the light is trapped inside of the actual black hole, so there is a massive amount of light inside of it. The perception of a black hole is that it would be a physical manifestation of darkness, and yet, the black hole itself is filled with dense light. The vacuum of space, which we perceive as darkness, is filled with matter and anti-matter which is a form of storing light. In this sense, the darkness of the vacuum is just a state of light that is standing still. So it turns out that all of the physical perceptions of darkness around us are just another form of light. This brings us to the fact that the physics, if it is mirroring the spiritual, is telling us that the darkness itself is another form of the light and that darkness is dense light. Darkness is light that is standing still and is stored in a state of readiness to become light. Darkness is potential light and therefore, darkness is the source of light.

Physics dictates the idea that darkness is not evil, but another form of light. This single idea dismantles the duality of good and evil and the accompanying labyrinth that surrounds and traps the human mind within it. We also find this idea of light and darkness supported in scripture. Isaiah 45-7; “God forms light and creates darkness.” The first book of John 1-5 states, “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.” Let us examine this last passage. If God is everywhere, then most certainly God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all, because even when it’s perceived as darkness, for instance, a black hole, there is still light inside of these things in a different state. If the universe is the body of Source, and we believe this to be so, then most certainly wherever there is perceived darkness in the universe, there is God, and where ever there is God, there is light. If there is darkness, there is light. In Matthew 6-23, we find, “In reality, the light that is in you is darkness, and how great that darkness is.” None of these ideas are in conflict and they support the physical fact that even in places in the universe where there is perceived darkness, such as black holes and the vacuums, there physically is light. Physical darkness is another form of light, sometimes existing in a dense form of light, and at other times, it’s a stored form of light or just light that is standing still.

If we apply this new knowledge of light and darkness toward the question of evil, we must ask, where is there a place for evil to exist? There is no physical allegory of evil and there is no physical symbol of it anywhere in the universe. So where does evil exist except in the belief of man? The truth is this is the only place that it does exist because it cannot exist in the physics; it cannot because there is no place for it in the body of God. Evil only exists in the imagination of man, but this fact does not make it any less real to those who believe that it exists. Going a bit further, the idea that spiritual darkness, which is a dense form of light and is a gift to every human being from God, is evil is a trick and a sinister way of getting a human being to give up the very power he needs to manifest his own spirit. Once a human being believes the lie of spiritual darkness being evil, he becomes spiritually castrated, and this dense form of Divine Light, which is dense Divine Darkness, is given up to the idea of evil and the human being is left to search for it, and he only gets a chance to touch it now and again when the force of procreation drives that energy temporarily into his body. It is and was always meant to be a gift from God, this dense light which is Divine Darkness, and the validation of this idea can be found in Isaiah 45-3, “And God will give you treasures in the darkness, and hidden treasures in the concealment places in order that you may know that He is the Once calling you by your name.” Treasures in the darkness – light that is so powerful and so densely packed that it is in the darkness and you can’t perceive it, you can only completely know it through faith.

These ideas of light and darkness form the foundation of a grand knowledge designed specifically to teach us a way to unleash the unlimited potential of the human spirit and mind, and plug that potential into the physical personality systems here in time and space of the human body. And this is where it really all begins. There are, for instance, many meditation techniques which utilize visualizing light, and these have their roots in Hindu technique. Many of the Christian Science techniques derived out of the Bible and used the idea of visualization of the Great Light. There are other meditation techniques that use the ideas of darkness and evil, and these techniques have their roots coming out of the Renaissance in the different forms of witchcraft and black magic. With this new wisdom of the relationship of light and darkness, we’re led to a new method which incorporates the idea that the darkness itself is dense light, and the light is light, and the interplay between these two bring about the greater good. It is critical that every time we say, ‘Spiritual Darkness’, we categorize it as Divine Darkness. The dense darkness, the dense light of Source, is the gift from Source – the hidden treasure in the darkness and concealment places. It is equally important that when we think of the word, ‘light’, we don’t have a picture in our mind of some glamorous light that is going to take care of all our problems, but rather we incorporate the idea of the Divine Light, and we personalize these two ideas into getting in touch with our spirit, and thus, the Almighty. When we say the word, ‘God’, if you have any specific religion, incorporate in your thoughts and feelings that you are getting in touch with Source in the context of what is comfortable to you. This is not specific to any religion and there is nothing to prevent any human from accessing their spirit and the experience of their spirit and the Almighty through this knowledge. As we do this, we dismantle the lies propagated by the falsehood that light and darkness are separate from each other and good and evil are at constant odds with each other.


It has long been thought that the descendants of darkness were creatures of evil – demons to be feared as if they were the primordial spawn of the darkest corners of our nightmares. Humans have always associated the darkness with evil, perhaps for the simple reason that we cannot see in it and the things that we are afraid of can hide in it, waiting to strike at us from close by. The same things that await us in the darkness were there when it was light, yet somehow, they now become more ominous or more likely to do us harm. We learned this fear as children and that same rationale has carried over into adulthood and has remained in our psyche ever since.

We have learned to be afraid of the descendants of darkness for various reasons, but fear of darkness is the most notable, and therefore, anything produced from the darkness is something that we are naturally fearful of. These notions find their beginning with primitive man and later, with the early teachings of religion. Darkness was always thought to be the opposite of the light, and religion taught us that if the light was representative of God and was good, then darkness was to be identified with the opposite of God, which was bad. This notion is still perceived as fact by most religious thought even today, and it is not seriously challenged. A great majority of people accept that darkness is the absence of light and therefore the absence of God, which means that it must be evil. When we really explore why and how this notion came to be so prevalent in our psyche, there really is no evidence to reach the conclusion that darkness is evil, and to the contrary, there are several passages in the Bible that point to the fact that God is as much darkness as He is light. Of course, this flies in the face of the notion that the descendants of darkness are evil. It does, if fact, suggest the very opposite.

There are theories that state that light and darkness are not separate entities at odds with one another, but are two distinct yet connected aspects of the light spectrum. If we think about the light as a line, light is one end of the line and darkness is the other, and where they meet in the center is a blending of both; a twilight. In this sense, light and darkness are interconnected elements of a whole, and both elements are necessary for both the whole and each other to exist. This theory can be substantiated with biblical passages and it can be proven out through scientific method. This theory and the details of these proofs are laid out most notably in a novel called The Dark Prophet, which presents evidence of the concept that there is a divine nature to darkness and that God is in fact of the darkness just as He is of the light. If we take this theory that darkness is light and it is divine, and we apply it to our beliefs of what God is, it then must be true that if God is light, then He also must be darkness, and if this is true, then it stands to reason that we, as children of Source, are the true descendants of darkness.

This, of course, contradicts centuries of conventional thought and directly opposes the idea that the descendants of darkness are an evil creation of the devil. Understanding the relationship between darkness and light and knowing that darkness cannot be separate from Source, it is far easier for us to believe that we are the descendants of darkness rather than the imaginary monsters we conjure in our subconscious. When we allow ourselves to understand that darkness is a form of dense light that is neither separate from Source nor evil, we are free to experience the true creative nature of darkness.

Realizing that darkness is dense light and not a separate entity from light is the first step in understanding how darkness holds the key to the creation of humanity. Source is both darkness and light and the creative nature of Source is associated with darkness, much in the same way that our ability to create life is held within our sexual nature, which is often associated with our dark side. The problems really arose when we began to perceive darkness as evil which led us to associate the creative aspects of our own nature as evil. Our own sexuality has long been labeled as a seedy and ugly part of our nature that must be suppressed and kept hidden. The truth is the exact opposite in that our sexuality is the very element of our existence that makes us God-like, because it is the process that allows humans to create life. The irony is that the very aspect of our nature that elevates us to a position closer to Source is labeled as the darkest and most fearful part of our nature by those most afraid of that power.

It is only when we accept the truth of what we are that we can truly be free, and by accepting this, we can understand that we are the true descendants of darkness and we must believe that this is a positive thing and what this God intended us to be. It becomes easier to believe when we realize that the darkness has been hi-jacked by a conventional wisdom that seeks to relegate it to the shadows where we see it as something to fear. When we lock away the darkness in this way, we begin to slowly destroy ourselves by denying access to a vital aspect of our nature. In order for humanity to continue to exist and advance itself, we must embrace the fact that we are descendants of darkness and we must accept that this darkness is an aspect our creation and is in no way evil or menacing.


Now move to this discussion to explain what this sickness of the minds of many really is HERE



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Yes One cannot exist without the other

Permalink Reply by Bjørnar 17 hours ago

John 3 18:20 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

Permalink Reply by Bjørnar 17 hours ago

Samuel 22:29 “29 You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.


Permalink Reply by Patty 16 hours ago

WOW! That’s a Powerful Post. I loved this subject. TY for Sharing. Blessings

Permalink Reply by ☥Vlada Sui Generis☥ 13 hours ago

My favourite saying to people is… light comes through darkness,cos when you walk into any room at night it’s dark and even outside is like a huge room with no walls… but then you grab the light switch and then there is Light.. so who’s afraid of the Dark then aye entering that room?,only those who are living in fear of the unknown and those who have their heads filled with other peoples notions those grown adults  even that put that fear in their minds with talk of monsters and demons & boogee men that’s S*@t if you ask me cos the room is nothing else but a room with no light on!!

Permalink Reply by Galaero A.E. Aurelius 8 hours ago

Zero point is the darkness and so she the feamale from which all things are created, seeds are put into the ground of darkness in order to grow.. and moisture of a feamale in the form of rain.. her body becomes wet and she is willing to create again and again.. with the warmth of the father ( sun)  sounds like creation to me….


sounds like fun to me… creation in all its many forms is endless.. have some fun while  you have this  body to do so..

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Sri Sunkara presents evidence of consciousness from a Dimension of the Spirit World.  One of a vast collection of Tapes & Photos witnessed in the 60-70s – We are of course Spiritual Beings experiencing the on going Spiritual Reality of Existence – Spirit into Matta – Matta into Spirit, the Duality of Nature.

Meditate to the Tasmanian Australian Duette of the Aboriginal didgeridoo played by sister Magiic, visit






                                                            SPIRITUAL REALITY


Understanding Spiritual Reality,

Requires a new mentality,

A cosmic shift,

Fresh thinking, to stop the drift,


Humanity is poised upon Karma’s cliff.

Now proven Prophecy in Revelation,

Applies to every Nation;

Scripture’s Revelation Two verse Seventeen,

Released revealing Light, Truth now can be seen,

All awake wondering from a Dream.


Revelation speaks of a day of Reawakening,

None can deny the ground’s a shaking.


Spirit says unto man’s Kirk,

A place where devils, demons and red capped Deceivers lurk,

Be released be gone, free to leave the Earth,

In Education’s Truth is mankind’s Rebirth.


Spiritual Reality is!


Reality is, Duality is, be no loss of Self in process Death,

Life is before and beyond Mortal breath,

All of Humanity does awake,

Past death, as from sleep in another State.


No matter Ego’s Denial, No matter life’s Trial,

Regardless of Creed,

Consequences await Self, responsible Creator of every Deed,

All actions are answerable before

Impartial, Perfect Universal Nature’s Law!



Fact is fact!  There is not an issue,

Individual consciousness does for a time continue,

Beyond the shedding of human tissue.


Religion and State,

Provide choices which swell Greed’s oily plate,

Nonsense great Grandparent was an Ape,

Ancestor forefather Man, from ape Physically did not ascend.    

Nor man from Angel did descend,

Nor is life’s purpose simply to end.


Mankind’s hidden Ancient Past, revealed at last!

Far before the recent Martian’s Mast,

Forgotten Spirit Races into Form did Pass,

Prior Earth Man’s stolen, buried History,

Truth does not suit the Kirk you see!


A Basic Existence Truth lost to Earth’s Races deliberately!

By those who would control Destiny and Liberty,

Truth a Saviour can set you Free.


Science hides in Mystery?

Funded by the System’s sophistry,

So fearful to retain the Status Quo,

Government denies Light in Knowledge for all to Grow.


Government and Religion promote, glorify War,

The Debt ridden Economy’s bleeding Sore.


Religions created gods and messiahs,

Deliberate errors created the Terrors,

Spirit Truth disrobes emperors and liars,

Aware authority used the Real Fact of past Death survival,

To empower Error’s teachings in Scroll and Bible.


Common Sense does separate,

Fact from medieval fiction proved second rate,

Full of negative bias, burning hate.

Time to relocate religion and separate the State,

Until then, be no Freedom for the Race of Men.


Be no anthropomorphic god to ask a Favour,

Be no Devil, hence need no Saviour,

No Saviour to forgive behaviour,

Sole Soul Saviour is Right Behaviour!


In every beating human heart,

Spirit Spore seed planted knowledge from the start,

Blood remembers every part,

Of Right from Wrong, of what is Taboo,

All is known is not the Issue.

Fact insurmountable,

Inner Nature holds all and each accountable.


Love is not all you Need,

Love plus intelligence and will to plant the seed,

In Spiritual Reality, Spirit You does know,


Each tested in the flesh, harvest as do sow.


Freedom from religion,

Assign it to oblivion.


File away religion’s bible,

Spirit proclaims your survival,

Understand Duality,

Live Life aware in Spiritual Reality.


Evolving Soul experiences all races, all faces,

Spirit returns, forgotten gender and traces.

Awake to Sanity,

Go forward to help humanity.


Learn of multi layers of Spiritual Dimension,

Felt, known, yet to the Dense physical, an unseen extension.

For when your time to go,

This Truth you will surely know.

A Spiritual Being, incarnate evolving,

In form, on a speck, a pixel revolving,

In motion dissolving.

Delete money as the goal,

Focus on Duality, not passing Physicality, Lasting Spirituality,

Remember what you are,

A Spiritual Being from Afar!


Answerable to your Soul,

A particle of the Whole.


Curiosity may have killed the Cat,

However knowledge brought it back.


Spiritual Truth, available and Self evident,

Together we make Life a Living Testament.


Spiritual Reality is the Logical Alternative,

Nature’s multifaceted Ultimate superlative.

Factual wonder,

Past human blunder.



Sri Sunkara



“Superlative” is the highest degree, ultimate expression.

“Kirk” is a Church or Temple where a god is worshipped.

“Anthropomorphic” is the history of man who creates a god in his own image gives the god of all, human characteristics.

Manmade gods belittle the enormity of the unknown, Desecrate Spiritual Truth.  Spiritual Reality is Duality of Spiritual Existence or Beingness. 

Sri is a Spiritual Teacher, Sankacharya is a family linage of Spiritual Philosophers, Sunkara is a Spirit’s name.




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